Easy installing for Yii Framework

I have been working with yii framework in one year. But i think it’s very easy to install and to use it. And what make me surprise in yii framework is a generator for CRUD.

This is the step of yii installation, it’s very easy (i use Windows 7 OS) :

Step 1 : Download yii framework in : http://www.yiiframework.com/

Step 2 : Unzip yii framework in your workspace (ex: my workspace in c:\xampp\htdocs).  after that, you can rename it with yii.

Step 3 : Before you use the command line in windows OS, you must register the path of your PHP in : my computer->(right click)Properties -> advanced system setting -> (tab) advanced -> Environment variable -> in system variable choose Path, click edit, and add your PHP path and klik OK, ex: in my computer ‘c:\xampp\php\bin’

Step 4 : open the window command line (cmd) and go to the workspace, and run :

yii/framework/yiic webapp mywebapp

This will create a directory with name mywebapp

Step 5 :  Then we will configure your Yii application. Open your web application in directory C:xampp/htdocs/mywebapp/protected/config/main.php in your favourite text editor and make the following changes some configuration :

Enabled gii with Un-comment the ‘gii’ section in the ‘modules’ array.
Enabled clean urls with Un-comment the ‘urlManager’ section in the ‘components’ array.
Set up the database connection: if you want to use Mysql database,Un-comment the mysql configuration database and comment the sqlite database. Then change the database name, username and password for mysql database.
Set up the admin email contact: Update the ‘adminEmail’ parameter in the ‘params’ array.

Then run in your browser : http://localhost/mywebapp
That’s it, your first web application in yii framework has been installed, just in a few minutes.

And may be this tutorial can help you ^_^.
If you want to learn another tutorial, you can go to :


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