how to create custom breadcrumb widget in yii framework

To make a custom breadcrumb in yii framework, try this step :

  1. we must create a new file BreadCrumb.php in your project folder, example :
    my-project\protected\components\BreadCrumb.php. And insert this code into the BreadCrumb.php file :

    class BreadCrumb extends CWidget {
         public $crumbs = array();
         public $delimiter = ' / ';
         public function run() {
  2. then create a new folder views in : my-project\protected\components\.

  3. make a new file breadCrumb_view.php in my-project\protected\components\views and insert this code to breadCrumb_view.php.

    <ul class="breadcrumb">
         foreach($this->crumbs as $crumb) {
            if(isset($crumb['url'])) {
                echo "<li>".CHtml::link($crumb['name'], $crumb['url'])."</li>";
            } else {
                echo "<li>".$crumb['name']."</li>";
            if(next($this->crumbs)) {
                echo $this->delimiter;

    in this example i use ul html tag for the breadcrumb. you can change the ul and li html tag to another html tag.

  4. and then you can use the breadcrumb in your view with insert this code :
    	$this->widget('application.components.BreadCrumb', array(
    	  'crumbs' => array(
    	    array('name' => 'Home', 'url' => array('site/index')),
    	    array('name' => 'Login'),
    	  'delimiter' => '&nbsp;', // if you want to change it

    and you can custom your delimiter in your breadcrumb.


if you have a question you can leave the message in this post 🙂