automount ntfs partition in your ubuntu 14.04

Do you want to automatically mount windows partition in ubuntu? read this tutorial to show how to do it.

For the first, open you terminal to check your system partition with run this command :

sudo blkid


And then you will see the device id and file system on your PC.

Next, run the command below to open the fstab with your favorite  editor. In this case, my favorite editor is nano, so i will type this command like this :



Next, add this line

UUID=xxxxxxxxxxx /mnt/ntfs-data ntfs users,defaults 0 0

ntfs-data is the name of directory used for your partition, you can give another name what you want. in this case i give name ntfs-data for the directory.


Save the fstab file.

After that, go to /mnt directory, and make a directory with name ntfs-data or  your own name of directory.


Next, change the owner of the mount point by running this command :

sudo chown <username> /mnt/ntfs-data

Replace <username> with your username in your PC


And then restart your PC and open your terminal and go to /mnt/ntfs-data to access your data from the other partition.

If you have any question or you have already succeeded to do this tutorial in your machine, give a comment for this post. 🙂 . Thank you.


Unable to run mksdcard SDK tool error

Operating System Ubuntu 14.04 64bit

when i was installing android studio in my ubuntu 64bit machine, and for the first i get message like this :

Unable to run mksdcard SDK tool

so, to solve this problem you must install some library :

sudo apt-get install lib32z1 lib32ncurses5 lib32bz2-1.0 lib32stdc++6

note : this issue in “Issue 82711”


How to reset your ubuntu password

If you forgot your ubuntu password, don’t be panic 😀 .. Ubuntu have a method for recovery a password.

The first, you must calm down :), and then boot up or reboot your computer, and when prompted, choose *Advanced options for Ubuntu :


And then you will see the prompted like this, after that you choose root, and press Enter.



Next, remount the shell with read and write option with type this in your shell prompt :

mount -rw -o remount /

after running the above command, the shell should be remounted with read and write permission for file system.

And now, you can set your new password with run passwd command in your shell.

passwd username

for example my username is legolas, i used this command :

passwd legolas

Ubuntu Server


after changing your password, using this command for reboot your ubuntu system. The sync commands makes sure to write out data to your disk before system reboot.


reboot -f

And now you can use your ubuntu with a new password..

Have a nice day ^_^